About Me

I have a amazing relationship with Christ, which in turn fashioned a long-running marriage to my husband, and together we have one fantastic son! 

My husband and I have been beekeeping for years, and each year is a new adventure as we continue to learn more about the fascinating honey bee. View here to discover more about our Vermont raw honey

Read more about how we got started in beekeeping here. We're most active on our Facebook page facebook.com/HeavenlyHoneyApiary and welcome your "like". I also would be trilled if you follow this blog, and from time to time give me a comment so I can correspond with you.

This blog is really an attempt to create a historical account of our bee yard happenings, provide helpful tips and share some yummy recipes using honey, that I have created, or tried from others. I'm also venturing into wax rendering, candle making, and experimenting with other products from the hive. I'll try to blog about those endeavors too.  

Warning! I’m not a writer; reading may be excruciating at times. If you see a typo, misspelled word etc. please email me. I won't be embarrassed, but I will be extremely grateful! 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. 

Bee well and God bless!

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