Heavenly Honey makes this Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Delicious!

I have three honey cookbooks, and none of them have a strawberry rhubarb pie recipe. What’s with that? I want to use our Heavenly Honey in all my baking, so I did what I often do, I looked at three different recipes; two conventional made with sugar, and one used honey, and I scripted out my own recipe, crossing my fingers that it would come out good, because I really wanted a yummy desert tonight.

Scott is downstairs eating his slice right now, so the verdict is still out as to whether or not this recipe is a keeper in my recipe box. But since my taste buds are already craving a second piece, (which I have said “No” to) I thought that I could safely share the recipe with you.

I used a 10” stoneware deep dish pie plate.

For the pie crust, I wanted to try a new recipe because I recently watched Ina Garten (from Barefoot Contessa) bake up a pie, and her crust sounded like it had 100% chance of “not” making its way into any diet cook book! So if you want a wickedly good pie crust you can try Ina’s recipe, or use your own 2 (10-inch) crust recipe. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with Honey

Pre-heat oven to 350F.


1 10-inch double pie crust (plan to make ahead, Ina’s recipe chills in the refrigerator 30 minutes before rolling out)

4 C. fresh rhubarb, chopped into about ½” pieces (I didn’t destring unless the peel started to run on it’s own)
2 C. fresh strawberries sliced about ¼” thick
6 Tbsps. cornstarch (from my research arrowroot, could be used with same measurement)
½ tsp. nutmeg
½  tsp. cinnamon


While pie dough is refrigerating, take about ¼ C. of honey and blend the cornstarch into it (it will make a paste like cream). Then gently combine this to the chopped rhubarb and strawberries along with the balance of the honey, the nutmeg and cinnamon.

Place the first rolled out crust into the bottom of your pie plate

Pour the rhubarb mixture into the pie plate

Place the second rolled out crust on top, and join crust in your favorite crimp. I first made 3 cutouts into the top pie shell, by using one of my mini cookie cutters, which just happened to be in the shape of a strawberry. If you want to skip the cutouts then slash top with a couple 1” slices for steam escape. Or if you want to be really fancy you can make a lattice top crust.

Bake for 1 hour (I checked on pie after 30 minutes, and placed a pie crust protector ring on top of the crust). At 1 hour, I took the ring off, and the pie actually cooked 8 more minutes--until I liked the color of the crust.  
**Note** baking time varies based on your oven, so keep an eye on it, and take out when the crust looks perfect to you. But don’t just set the timer for 1 hour and then come back, because if your oven cooks hot you can’t fix a burnt pie crust, but you can always set your timer for 2 more minutes if the crust isn’t done!

I cooled on a rack for 20 minutes, and then I put the pie in the refrigerator, (I wasn’t sure that I could do this, but I knew that the pie needed to firm up a bit, which is the magic of the cornstarch thickening the juices made while cooking) and set the timer for 1 hour (I couldn’t wait for it to fully cool before having my slice, otherwise 2 hours would have presented a nice cool pie). I put a dollop of Cabot whipped cream on top of each slice, but if I had vanilla ice-cream in the house—ooh need I say more?

Scott just came upstairs and said, “Excellent”. 

I knew it was going to be a keeper!

(You are encouraged to copy, share or repost this recipe, please give credit to my website Heavenly Honey Apiary at www.vtbeekeeper.com or this blog link--Thank you!)


Jess said...

Trying this tonight. I'll let you know how it came out :-)

Valarie said...

Hi Jess,

I've tried to comment twice and blogger isn't letting my comments go through, and it's my blog :)

Hoping third time is a charm.

Just wondered how it came out, and what crust did you make. Did you try Ina's or make your own?

Thanks for posting,

Valarie said...

I'm still using Ina's pie crust recipe but I've altered it a bit. I use 1/2 King Arthur White Unbleached All-Purpose and 1/2 King Arthur White Whole Wheat. Last time I made it, I made my own whipping cream, starting off with 1 Tbs of honey in the bottom of the bowl, added about 1 cup whipping cream stirred until honey was incorporated and then whipped. Yum!